Customer Story

Facing a spike in customer demand, the unicorn startup required a scalable solution to ensure high-quality agent support.

About Ebanx

One of the first Brazilian startups to become a unicorn, Ebanx is a fintech company that offers local payment methods across LatAm for global companies such as Airbnb, Spotify, and Aliexpress. Since its founding in 2012, the company has aimed to provide customer services that exceed clients’ expectations with conversational experiences.

Context and Challenges

In 2019, Ebanx identified a rapid increase in customer support demand caused by growing online sales during the pandemic period. This expansion urged the company to improve control over the experience provided by its customer service. They sought Aktie Now’s assistance to integrate a quality assurance tool into its Zendesk platform, helping them track, measure, and improve their agents’ performance.

Playvox was the perfect solution for that purpose, offering close monitoring of service quality, easy communication between agents and supervisors, and reliable data to show improvement opportunities.

Adopted solutions

Key Results

Implemented tools

“I had worked with Aktie in previous companies, and they were always invaluable in supporting our goals. After I joined Ebanx to structure its Customer Service team, they were the first partners I thought of to assist me. I briefed them on the obstacles we faced at the time, and they proposed Playvox as a solution, which thoroughly addressed our need to boost quality control for our support agents.”

Raphaella Aurnheimer
Senior Customer Service Manager at Ebanx

“Aktie Now helped us to integrate Playvox to our Zendesk system seamlessly. Their consultants supported us in understanding the platform, and its quality monitoring and data collection processes. They prepared us to train our supervisors, managers, and the whole team to take full advantage of Playvox’s functionalities.”

Caroline Mendes
Customer Service Improvement Supervisor at Ebanx

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