Customer Story

The multinational manufacturer sought expert support to introduce its e-commerce into new markets with best-in-class customer service technology.

About Electrolux

Electrolux is the world leader in home appliances, selling over 50 million products every year in more than 150 countries. It recognizes how critical it is to hold its position as the market leader and satisfy customers. For this reason, it constantly invests in relationship tools to retain its loyal customers and improve the experience of those having issues with its products and services.

Context and Challenges

In 2018 Electrolux established new e-commerce operations in Chile and Argentina. Having Aktie Now as its Zendesk Premier Partner in Brazil since 2017, the company decided to expand this collaboration to structure its customer services in the neighboring markets.

Adopted solutions

Key Results

Implemented tools

“After considering different alternatives, we saw that Aktie Now was the Zendesk Premier Partner with the most extensive experience and expertise to support us, contributing to every stage of our customer service expansion project.”

Elis Regina
Operations Manager at Electrolux

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