Customer Story

One of the fastest growing retailers in Brazil, Magalu demanded an experienced partner to scale its online customer services and create omnichannel experiences.

About Magalu

Magalu is one of the largest retailers in Brazil, with over 8 Billion dollars in sales per year, mostly through its e-commerce. Since 2008, the company adopted a customer-centric approach, managing to position itself as a top of mind brand. Its operation continues to expand, reaching the impressive marks of 1,500 physical stores and 30 Million active clients in recent years.

Context and Challenges

After years of fast growth, Magalu decided in 2018 to transform its customer service with an omnichannel solution that could integrate its multiple tools and channels. With that goal, the company brought Aktie Now to perform a complete scan and mapping of its customer services, followed by the customized implementation of the Zendesk platform.

Results started to show in less than six months, prompting Magalu to expand this partnership in 2019 and scale its customer support operation with Aktie Now’s assistance. This project was crucial in establishing the company’s new positioning as a digital retail platform and marketplace, providing quality support for millions of customers and vendors.

Adopted solutions

Key Results

Implemented tools

“We realized that a robust customer service platform like Zendesk would quickly show us tangible results. Counting on Aktie Now’s experienced team was critical to ensure the successful implementation and scaling of our customer service omnichannel system.”

Amanda Carvalho
Customer Insights Manager at Magalu

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