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Go from A to Zendesk.

End-to-end, smoothly.

As Zendesk’s Premier Partners we implement, upgrade and fine-tune your Zendesk platform to its maximum potential by bringing you:

End-to-End Zendesk Services

Project development from strategy to execution, understanding your specific needs to make your CX processes smoother and more efficient with Zendesk solutions.

Integrations that Boost Results

Zendesk integration with top-performing CX tools, including Droz Bot – our proprietary chatbot system for automated customer service.

Scalable Customer Support

Customer journey assessment and Zendesk optimization to deliver the most scalable, efficient and, affordable solution, integrated with your tools and channels.

Excellence in CX Management

Expertise in establishing total control of your operations with Zendesk solutions, making you feel confident that your clients are getting state-of-the-art customer experiences.

Services tailored to your needs

Get Started with Zendesk

  • Zendesk Licenses
  • Zendesk Implementation
  • Data Migration
  • Training for Agents, Supervisors and Admin

Level up your Zendesk

  • Zendesk Customization and Performance Boost
  • Zendesk Integrations and Automations
  • Chatbot Implementation and Integrations

Achieve CX excellence

  • Customer Journey Design and CX Consulting
  • Managed Services – Zendesk Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Zendesk Guide Design

CX Expertise for Retail and

We implement and customize Zendesk solutions to deliver engaging customer experiences that generate repeat conversions for Retail and E-commerce companies.

Brands who trust Aktie Now with
their Customer Experience

It’s been a long road elevating CX

Years in the market

Project hours

Satisfied clients

Consumers impacted


Our Customer Satisfaction score (CSAT)

  • Critical Zone 100% 100%
  • Improvement Zone 100% 100%
  • Quality Zone 100% 100%
  • Excellence Zone 90% 90%

*Source: Survey conducted with managed service and support customers in July 2021.

Results that speak for themselves

Awards and recognitions

#1 Regional Partner of the Year 2021 – LATAM – Zendesk

#1 Sunshine Conversations Partner of the Year 2020 – Zendesk

#1 Fastest Growing Partner of the Year 2021 – Monday.com

Gold Medal for Best Export Project with Electrolux 2019 – Cliente SA

Partnerships that enhance results

Aktie Now counts on global partners that integrate perfectly with Zendesk’s solutions, delivering value and sustainable growth to your business.

Zendesk is the champion of Customer Experience and one of the largest service-first CRM companies in the world.

Droz is our proprietary solution that connects automated chatbot service and customer satisfaction management to your CRM.

Import2 is the one-click data migration software that allows you to quickly transfer customer and ticket data to Zendesk and other platforms. No technical skills needed!

Are you ready to achieve higher customer satisfaction, make your agents happier, and lower your costs?

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