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Whether you’re just getting started with Zendesk or looking to optimize your current system, our award-winning team is here to help.

Get started with Zendesk

Zendesk Licenses

Get expert guidance in selecting from Zendesk’s complete suite of solutions, tiers, and plans, identifying the right combination to enhance your customer services. No additional charges!

Get started with:

  • Ticketing System
  • Messaging & Live Chat
  • Help Center
  • Voice
  • Community Forums
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Answer Bot
  • Knowledge Base

Perfect for:
Businesses of all sizes and stages looking to enhance their customer services.

Zendesk Express Implementation

Have your Zendesk suite implemented quickly and without budget surprises. Our expert team will carry out the complete implementation for you, from planning to execution.

Get started with:

  • Zendesk implementation and configuration
  • Zendesk training
  • Go-live monitoring and issue resolution

Perfect for:

Customer service teams with up to 15 agents not requiring significant customization.

Zendesk Customized Implementation

Have a complete X-ray of your operation and implement your Zendesk platform to properly accommodate the processes and requirements that fit your business. Ensure control, productivity and high performance for your tools from the get-go.

Get started with:

  • Zendesk implementation and configuration
  • Zendesk training
  • Go-live monitoring and issue resolution
  • Customer Service process flows
  • Customer Journey
  • Data Analysis Report

Perfect for:
Customer service operations of any size, managing complex processes, rules and integrations.

Import2 Data Migration

Import2 is a one-click data migration software that lets you quickly transfer your customer data to Zendesk and other platforms. No CSV file or technical skills requierd. The process is quick, customizable, and validated by you to ensure everything is in the right place.

Get started with a quick and free data sample migration. No strings attached!



Training for Agents, Supervisors and Admin

Provide your agents, supervisors, and administrators with the knowledge and practice they will need to take full advantage of your Zendesk platform. They’ll learn from certified Zendesk consultants in live training sessions and can access the recordings at any time.

Get started with:

  • Live training sessions
  • Zendesk-certified coaches
  • Recorded classes available at any time

Perfect for:
Teams new to Zendesk or with a high turnover.

Level up your Zendesk

Zendesk Customization and Performance Boost

Maximize the potential of your Zendesk with a complete assessment and optimization of your tools and flows. Our team upgrades, fine-tunes and personalizes your Zendesk platform, streamlining your processes and making your solution more efficient.

Level up with:

  • Customer Service Health Check
  • Data analysis report
  • Mapping of improvement opportunities
  • Platform customization
  • Optimization of processes and flows
  • Zendesk training

Perfect for:
Customer service operations growing in complexity and scale.

Zendesk Integrations and Automations

Boost agent productivity and offer your customers omnichannel experiences by ensuring a smooth integration between Zendesk, your digital tools, and channels. Further, we design automations and develop customized apps to save your operation both time and money.

Level up with:

  • Integration of core customer service tools into Zendesk, standard or customized
  • Optimization of existing integrations and removal of redundant tools
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • App development
  • Centralization of agent’s screens into one platform
  • Omnichannel ecosystem

Perfect for:
Customer service teams struggling to manage disjointed systems and channels, and processes with repetitive tasks lacking efficiency.

Chatbot Implementation and Integrations

Create agile and conversational experiences for your customers by integrating Zendesk to Droz bot. This intelligent chatbot system offers automated and 24×7 support across multiple digital channels, instantly responding to your clients’ requests and reducing your team’s workload.

Level up with:

  • Multichannel integration
  • 24/7 availability
  • Natural Language Processing (NPL)
  • Customizable conversation flows
  • Analytical reports
  • Rest API connection
  • Seamless human handover

Perfect for:
Businesses demanding optimization and scalability to their Customer Services without increasing headcount.

Achieve CX excellence

Customer Journey Design and CX Consulting

Have your Customer Journey and Customer Service assessed, redesigned and validated to promote customer-centric and efficient processes in your operation. Count on a consulting team with multi-industry expertise to eliminate friction points and ensure best-in-class CX flows.

Excel with:

  • Customer Service processes flowcharting
  • Customer Journey mapping
  • Data analysis report
  • Zendesk Training
  • Zendesk config and setup descriptive document

Perfect for:
Companies trying to enhance their customer journey to achieve better results or scale.

Managed Services: Zendesk Maintenance and Monitoring

Our customer-loved monthly subscription maintenance service to keep your Zendesk tools always running smoothly, on the right setup and configurations. Get support from in-house consultants readily available to ensure high performance for your solutions.

Excel with:

  • Expert support to extract more from Zendesk solutions
  • Setup optimization
  • Configuration maintenance
  • Direct channel to handle inquiries
  • Adjustments and upgrades on demand

Perfect for:
Customer service operations of any size requiring expert assistance to avoid system disruptions.

Zendesk Guide Design

Have expert guidance in designing a complete Help Center with Zendesk Guide, offering a self-service option for your customers and a knowledge base for your agents. You’ll make it easier for customers to solve issues by themselves while lowering your ticket volume.

Excel with:

  • Help Center for customer self-service
  • Knowledge base to support agents
  • Team Publishing tool to collect support expertise
  • Customizable themes to match your brand
  • Flexible content structuring

Perfect for:
Businesses trying to scale customer support, reduce ticket volume or improve the team’s access to knowledge.

Want to find out if your team is taking full advantage of your CRM? Then ask us about our free Customer Service Health Check!

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