Deliver engaging customer experiences that end in conversions with Zendesk

More than ever, customer relationships play a crucial role in enabling retail and e-commerce players to stand out from the crowd in today’s oversaturated online marketplace. However, customer relationships must adapt to new technology, changes in consumer behavior, and new challenges that constantly arise in the industry.

Retail and e-commerce brands that trust us:

With Zendesk technology we can help you:

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Ensure 24/7 availability of customer support and sales
  • Customize and personalize interactions with each customer
  • Reduce the number of screens your agents need to work
  • Easily collect and manage customer data
  • Design and implement your customer service and CX processes
  • Map your customers’ journey from contact to conversion
  • Reduce expenses throughout your entire organization

Meet your customers wherever they are

Customers expect prompt responses to inquiries on whatever channel they choose to reach you: social media, email, phone, or messaging service. With Zendesk’s omnichannel solutions, you can integrate your customer journey data, guaranteeing a seamless experience for your current and future clients.

Fewer screens = more helpful service

Offering outstanding customer service requires using different tools that give support across all stages of the purchase journey. However, that means that sometimes agents are working on dozens of screens, looking for a needle in a haystack to solve a customer’s issues. Our team can integrate your systems into Zendesk’s platform, enabling your agents to visualize everything on a single screen and making their work more productive.

Automated, agile, and easy-to-use communication

Offer your customers a user-friendly brand experience throughout their journey. Our intelligent chatbot system, Droz bot brings agility and availability to your operation: immediate answers whenever and wherever your customers decide to reach you, allowing for the automation of tasks such as checking order status, frequently asked questions, invoice copies, and more. You can easily connnect it to Zendesk to elevate your customers’ digital experience.

Elevating CX for Retail and E-commerce

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