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Structuring of Customer Service Processes

Collection, analysis, and use of your customer satisfaction data

Improvement of your sales team efficiency

Improvement of Customer Service’s performance

Automation and scalability of Customer Services

Intelligent IVR to boost your contact center performance

Customer Self-Service

Management and optimization of your Customer Service team

Management of processes, projects and tasks

Centralization and optimization of systems’ integration

Operationalization of Customer Experience activities

Structuring of
Customer Service Processes

Your customer’s experience should be as unique as your business.

Using a unique methodology, after a deep screening, we’ll select and implement solutions specific to your business needs. We’ll structure your Customer Service operation and enable seamless scalability.

Processes improvement


Total control of the operation

Demand management

Implementation of tools and solutions suitable for your business

In addition, our consulting service develops and keeps track of every process that is part of your customer service flow, applying cutting-edge digital tools wherever needed to increase efficiency.

Collection, analysis, and use

of your customer satisfaction data

Use data to drive effective action.

One of the best ways to ensure your business delivers what your customers want is to have survey, feedback, and satisfaction management strategies in place. This way, you can measure your Customer Service’s efficiency, quality, and scalability.

Collecting data is not enough. The information must be analyzed and used to reduce bottlenecks, remove redundancies, and ensure total customer satisfaction.

Droz Survey is a 100% online platform to centralize and manage customer satisfaction surveys and data.

Improve your sales
team efficiency

Prioritize leads that deliver.

Have a sales-focused CRM that is simple and innovative in its data storage methodology.
The Zendesk Sell platform helps to improve productivity, optimize processes, and enhance your team’s visibility of the pipeline.

Easy to integrate to other platforms, it converts more leads into sales and creates unique opportunities for your sales team, guaranteeing a seamless, intuitive experience for customers at every stage of their conversion journey.

Get more customers, and convert!

Keep your business connected

Make the right decisions

Never lose control of the sales pipeline

Improvement of service operation performance

Offering omnichannel services is no longer a competitive advantage but a business necessity.

Omnichannel is an essential part of improving processes, autonomy, and scalability. When you decide to adopt an omnichannel platform, your business improves its performance and integration with previously installed tools and enhances customer service flows.

Automation of processes and platform integration saves you time, money, and increases your operational bandwidth to focus on what truly matters.

Aumentar a performance

Centralize data in a single screen for your agents


Automatize tasks


Unify communication with customers on a single page


Enhance your operation’s productivity by using fewer and better integrated tools

By providing standard and customized integrations to meet your operational needs, we help you improve the experience of both your customers and agents.

Zendesk Support
Zendesk Guide
Zendesk Chat

Through standard or customized integrations that meet your operational needs, we help your brand increase in value, improve your agents’ and customers’ experience.

Automation and
scalability of services

Offer your customers automated and customized customer service.

Having customized 24/7 customer service means you no longer have to worry about the high volume of after-hour requests. Transform the experience your customers’ with an intelligent chatbot, integrated with the best platforms and channels available in the market.

Offer automated customer service wherever and whenever customers need it

Droz can be integrated into several platforms and message apps, allowing you to create a single flow of communication.

Automated exchange of messages with customers, through their channel of choice.

Fully-customizable chatbot

Droz is the ideal platform that allows your business to create chatbots quickly and intuitively, to meet your business goals and needs. Design the chatbot flow in a fullyconfigurable manner.

It's time for autonomy

Using the Droz-bot, your business reaches a whole new level by providing autonomy to customers through self-service, and accurate data collection to agents, without the need to change screens or channels.

It is time for autonomy

  • Flow of chat
  • Gatekeeper Bot
  • Analytical reports
  • Extraction and sending of PDF reports

It's time for autonomy

  • Customer Feedback
  • 100% Responsiveness
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Saas Product
  • Plug-and-play

It's time for autonomy

  • Native integration
  • Customizable layout
  • Chat history
  • Chatbot transfer to human agents

Self-Service Technology

Transform the way your customers interact with your business.

Offering an effective, easy to use self-service system take your brand loyalty to another level. In addition to improving the customer journey, it enables you to collect data, customize forms and develop strategies to optimize service workflows.

Go beyond what conventional help desk centers offer

Zendesk Guide is more than a single collection of articles and frequently asked questions. It is a database of resourceful knowledge that helps you collect and utilize your organizational knowledge. It works natively with Zendesk Support to offer customers better customer self-service and to improve agents’ efficiency.

  • Creation of customized help desk centers
  • Personalized themes
  • Rich text editor
  • Knowledge history
  • Restoration of content erased
  • Control access

Integrations for tool optimization

Through standard or customized integrations that meet your operational needs, we help you enhance your agents’ and customers’ experience.

Management and optimization of your customer service team

Managing the customer service team goes way beyond establishing metrics and tracking activities. It is essential to use tools that help you manage the customer service operation, observing agents’ performance closely, and enabling training and support within the platform.


Assess, improve, and motivate the performance of your whole customer service team by using real-time resources and intelligence, in a simple and efficient way.


Learning through specific training
and assessment
of knowledge

Recognition and motivation of employees, allowing for customized scorecards and rewards



Quality Assurance


Performance management by having all metrics in a single place


Coaching for agents and follow-up of their growth

Integrations that enhance the tool

Playvox allows integration with different customer service systems, platforms, and apps to facilitate its use and improve its resources.

Management of processes, projects and tasks

Plan, organize, and monitor your team’s work, all in a single place.


Monday is the Work Operating System that empowers teams and enables each business to manage its daily processes, projects, and tasks.

Define projects and workflows in minutes

Use it in any department, project, or area

Take full advantage of available workflow automation

Manage your team’s work

Ask for more information on personalized apps and integrations

Alternate easily between desktop and mobile versions

Operationalization of Customer Experience actions

Implement CX culture in your business.


We help implementing CX culture in your business, creating actions completely focused on your customer experience.

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