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6 benefits of using artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience

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The last few years have seen a change in the way we do business. This led the companies to change not only the way they handle customers, but also how they manage their own operations. The idea that having the best product was enough to be competitive is gone, and now we live in the era of the customer experience.

It is no longer enough to offer the best deal, customers want the best experience altogether. Price and quality are no longer the only differentiating factors, and the purchase decision begins to have service and relationship as a central factor.

At the same time, technological tools are advancing and providing more and more automation and speed in dealing with customers. In light of all this, we present to you six advantages of using artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience. Check it out below!

1. Process Optimization

Who doesn’t want a simple and efficient service?

The first step to improve the customer experience is to increase their satisfaction with the service provided. One of the ways to achieve this is to make available to customers everything they need, when and how they prefer, so they can often solve their problem by themselves. In other words, to facilitate self-service. 

Artificial Intelligence applied to service systems allows the companies to accelerate customer training and anticipate customers’ needs. This already happens often in e-commerce, when a product is recommended based on the choice of another one. Artificial Intelligence analyzes the behavior of customers with similar profiles and suggests, based on their choices and previous items they viewed.

But that is not all. Another useful application of AI is to anticipate customers’ problems based on their email and/or phone number, and offer the right, tailored solution in the very first contact. A common example of that is to email a duplicate bill to a customer whose payment has recently become overdue.

2. More Efficiency in Human Service

Just as Artificial Intelligence can make it easier to recognize a problem, it can also find the solution faster. You know that distressing moment when the agent asks you for a minute to check out what’s going on behind the scenes? With the help of AI and a correct use of keywords, the support system can quickly suggest a solution and speed up the whole service.

That way, when the customer needs to be transferred to a human agent, they already know what the problem is and also how to act to solve it. With speed and efficiency, the customer experience tends to be better rated.

3. Data Brings more Solutions and Personalization

Today’s consumer wants to feel appreciated, and Artificial Intelligence can help companies to make that happen. From the collection and analysis of data, your service system can anticipate needs and suggest products and services at the right time.

Every second, thousands of feedbacks are being analyzed, thousands of action plans are created, and in the next second the resolution of the problems is already in progress. All this without having to go through dozens of service team alignment meetings!

4. Plenty of Time to Think about Innovation

It is quite clear by now that with the help of Artificial Intelligence companies save time in customer service. But what should they do with all this extra time? Now that the human service team doesn’t need to spend hours asking for the customer’s information, they can use this extra time to update materials, analyze interactions and propose improvements. 

With Artificial Intelligence, not only your customers will see a gain in service, but also your team will notice that the work has become more agile and dynamic. This change in activities nature brings professional growth and greater satisfaction to the internal public, which will also have a positive impact on the customer experience.

5. Cost Reduction

Of course, all this gain in efficiency will be reflected in a reduction in expenses. Maintaining the structure of a service technology is much cheaper than a team with several people waiting for an interaction.

Even with the growth in demand, there is no risk of service issues, since Artificial Intelligence is not restricted to one service at a time, as it is with humans. In addition, as human service decreases, your company can focus on training and improving its staff, thus gaining in talent retention.

6. Customer Loyalty

A personalized, efficient, and fast customer experience changes customers’ perception regarding the price they need to pay for your products and services. Good experiences increase the feeling of value for money and build customer loyalty.

Another good reflection of the well done service is the indication of new customers. After all, a happy customer always feels the urge to spread the word among friends and family about the company that serves them so well.

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