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Zendesk Optimization

3 Zendesk Automations To Help You Scale Better

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If you’re using Zendesk, you obviously know how important it is to handle customer requests as quickly as possible. You probably have a great ticketing system in place already, too. But even the most well-thought processes have a few bottlenecks that can prevent you from scaling.

Luckily, Zendesk users have access to various automations that can make ticketing systems more efficient and scalable. 

3 Zendesk Automations To Scale With

Zendesk automations can help you handle a high volume of tickets and maximize your customer support team. Here are three Zendesk automations that can help you reduce manual workload: 

1. Creating Zendesk Tickets Google Forms

Google Forms can be a clever way to gather helpful customer information through registration, feedback collection, and satisfaction surveys. 

You can automate this process with softwares like Zapier to send the information from Google Forms to Zendesk as a ticket so your support team can take action.

3. Creating Zendesk Tickets from Third-Party Form Submissions

New customers usually check on the contact page when seeking customer service support. You can create a Zendesk ticketing automation using different Zaps for new form submissions to avoid leaving your customers hanging. 

This includes creating Zendesk tickets from Typeform entries, Jotform submissions, Wufoo form entries, or Google forms, depending on what you use. This ensures that every client’s need is considered promptly and their requests are directed to the right customer representative. 

3. Notifications for New Tickets

Although email and in-app notifications are suitable for customer support reps, you cannot expect them to be glued to the support app. Sometimes their attention is drawn to other things, such as tending to a customer. Therefore, they may keep some customers waiting or even miss some requests, especially if your company has a huge customer support volume. 

By automating your notifications to new tickets, you can triage crucial tickets to a specific support rep or a rep who’s available at that particular time. You can do this by redirecting the notification to the app they’re using now. 

Scale Your Customer Support with Zendesk Automation

There is an almost infinite number of ways to make customer care support services easier with Zendesk automations. Integration software like Zapier supports thousands of apps you can automate with customer support-related services. 

Before you choose any Zendesk automation, assess how they can help you make your customer support services easier and how relevant they’re to your services. Contact us today to learn how our Zendesk automation services can help you better your customer support service.


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