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6 Underutilized Zendesk Features and How To Use Them

02 de março 2 min. de leitura

Take Advantage of These 6 Underutilized Zendesk Features

Organizations require specialized service desk solutions to serve customer requests, bug reports, feedback, customer concerns, and inquiries. Thankfully, Zendesk provides a reliable ticket system with various features for a complete customer service setup. 

We observe, however, that many users are not taking full advantage of all that Zendesk has to offer. In this article, we will explore some of the most powerful, but underutilized, features that Zendesk has to offer.

6 Most Underutilized Zendesk Features

Zendesk is a robust all-in-one customer service platform. It features a wide range of tools, including live chat, employee engagement software, customer engagement software, email marketing, and a helpdesk. 

You’re already familiar with the helpdesk, ticketing system, and community forums – as these are the key Zendesk features. But here are some of the most underutilized features you may not know about:

Custom Views

Custom views are one of the most underutilized features used to arrange requests, prioritizing them into lists based on particular criteria. It allows customer service teams to identify tickets that require consideration and respond through one view at a time. Some custom view instances in Zendesk Support include standardized viewpoints, and shared options.

SLA Management

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a standard that determines how quickly your support team is supposed to respond to a customer request. The feature also plays a critical role in tracking customer experience performance and reaching service-level objectives in Zendesk. You may set SLA service targets to track customer experience performance, SLAs can vary based on customers, services, and other characteristics of your process.

Multilingual Features

Zendesk includes a multilingual capability that can translate your help articles to various languages based on your customer’s language or location. Once you’ve selected the languages you want to support, Zendesk will automatically detect a user’s preferred language. Agents can also set their own preferred language by editing their profile.

Mobile App

Team leaders and agents can utilize the Zendesk Support mobile app to handle support tickets on internet-enabled mobile devices. The app offers a triage-focused ticketing tool to you to:

  • Amend tickets and add comments
  • Design tickets
  • Get alerts when tickets are modified or published
  • Pick a Talk state
  • Sort, filter, search tickets and ticket display

Easy Customization

Complicated workflows often lead to unproductive agents, poor customer satisfaction, and increased support costs. Luckily, Zendesk users can easily customize their help center without relying on in-house developers. Customizing your help center can lead to fewer tickets and lower support costs.


Triggers in the Zendesk platform initiate a workflow based on specific changes or actions on a ticket. Zendesk comprises recommended pre-configured triggers, and you can optimize from scratch or modify default ones. Some applications of triggers include:

  • Providing updates on client satisfaction scores
  • Alerting clients while out of the office
  • Directing the most valuable clients to dedicated support teams
  • Ticketing distribution through the channel

Getting The Most Out of Zendesk

Zendesk features offer several opportunities to enhance customer service while saving support costs and energy. From simple ticket tracking tools to advanced pre-configures automations, Zendesk provides several customization options like no other. 

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